60 Meter Issue

Modified on Thu, May 25, 2023 at 4:46 PM

60 Meter Issues -  If the radio has been modified, the 60 meter channels become inaccessible.

The information provided here gives you some history into establishing the 60M channels in the Yaesu radios. What you see in the program are frequencies that are established by Yaesu for the radio to use to remain within legal limits given band width for the operating mode.  There has been a lot of question about this over the years, but ifyou use them as they appear in the radio, you will operate legally in the 60M band. 


The FT-857D/FT-897D and FT-817D each have 5 preprogrammed 60M channels. The frequencies and power of these channels will be affected by changes proposed by the FCC. Customers have been questioning how this will be handled in the programmer. 

Given that these channels are factory set, we suspect that we will not be able to change the memories through the programmer. However, once Yaesu enacts the necessary changes, the programmer will be changed to address the radio properly. 

When asked, Yaesu had this response to the question of the changes: 

On November 18th, 2011, the FCC set a report & Order for the new 

60-meter changes. However, these changes have not gone into effect and will not go into effect until 30 days after a public announcement by the FCC. Yaesu cannot take any action on this until this is finalized and announced. 

At this point 1/5/2012, it is a matter of waiting to see what changes the FCC enacts. 


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