Why do menu items not work???

Modified on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 03:05 PM

The FTM-300 has a strange "quirk" having to do with scanning.  

The radio is easy to make scan.  Simply pressing the up and/or down buttons on the microphone will make Band A or Band B scan depending on which is active at the time.  All well and good... until... this is where it gets "quirky". 

If you leave Band A or Band B (you know the one that is no longer active )  to work in the other band, it will CONTINUE TO SCAN!!  EVEN IF YOU TURN THE RADIO OFF.... IT WILL CONTINUE TO SCAN!!!  If this is VFO scan, you might never see what happens next.  BUT, if you left the radio scanning Memory... you're in trouble. 

So, you come back two days later, turn the radio on and want to make changes to a memory channel from the face of the radio.   It's one little change like the Skip setting.  Or you want to program the radio from the computer.  NO!!!  Won't happen.  

If you try to change an option in memory, the radio will double beep and not let you make the change.  It will let you get all the way there then it will argue with you when you try to make the change. 

If you try to access Clone mode for programming, the options will be disabled.  

Turn the radio back on in normal mode.  Access Band A and/or Band B and stop scanning WHEREVER IT IS HAPPENING... it may not be on the active band on the top!!  This will get all the functionality back. 

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