FT-3D Programming CAM Channels

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Programming CAM Channels
Club Channel Activity Monitoring

The RT Systems programmer can help you manage the CAM Channels in the FT-3D radio. See activity on up to 5 channels in each of 10 groups: so, you know where the conversations are going on!

To set up the CAM groups in the programmer: 

  1. >Program your memory channels with all the details you need to properly use the frequency (Rx and Tx frequencies, offset, tone, name, etc.)
  2. >After all your memory channels are programmed and the file saved, evaluate use of the CAM groups to get yourself organized. You have 10 groups of 5 each so you have 50 channels to work with in this organization.
  3. >Click Settings | Show Activity Monitor from the menu in at the top of the screen in the Programmer. The Groups appear on the screen.
  4. >Select a group by clicking on the "Group ##" title. Right click to edit the group name.
  5. >Back in the Memory Channels, select a channel you want in this group by clicking on the Channel number (that little number to the left of the Receive frequency). The entire row will be highlighted when the channel is selected.
  6. >With the cursor pointing at this row, right click and select "Add to Cam Group" from the menu that opens. The frequency of the channel and the name (if there is one...Note: The name will not be added to the CAM information automatically if you add it later to this memory channel) are added to the next available slot in that group. If you want this channel added in a certain place in a CAM group, select that location first then move through the Add to CAM group process.
  7. >After sending the file to the radio, access the CAM memories by pressing [F MW] -> [CAM] in the menu of the radio. See instructions beginning on page 14 of the User's Manual for the radio for more details.

Now, while you listen to one repeater, you can see if there is activity on another and quickly move to join that activity by just touching the face of the radio. What fun... never miss out on the conversation.

Give it a try. This feature may be just what you need to enjoy your radio even more.... and remember, if you think you can... or you think you can't.... you're right! 73's. 

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