TH-D72 Using TH-D72 for Satellite Operations

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Using TH-D72 for Satellite operations

The Kenwood TH-D72 does not have a satellite mode. The fact that it has Full Duplex will let you listen to the downlink and transmit on the uplink at the same time.

Some suggestions include:

1) Program your memory channels for uplink (usually 2M) and downlink (usually 440MHz)

2) Turn on Mask for Band A to hide the 440 frequencies. Likewise, hide 2M frequencies on Band B (this is done on the Common 2 tab of the settings screen of the RT Systems programmer.) By hiding the bands, you will be able to scroll through the channels on A and B respectively without interference from matching frequencies. With this you may be able to address the Dopler shift in frequency as the satellite passes overhead. 

3) After you program the radio with the memory channels, put Band A and Band B into memory mode. While on Band B, press [F] [Dup] to engage full Duplex. You can then switch back to Band A to transmit or transmit on Band B. You will hear activity on both channels with Full Duplex engaged. Press [F] [Dup] again to turn off full duplex. 

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