TM-D700 Computer to Radio Communications Failure

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The TM-D700 is by far the "crankiest" radio we work with to program. It will work one day and not work the next. It has to do with its age and design. This radio was designed long before modern computers and just does not do some things consistently enough... but you can get it to work if you are patient with it.

Two things to watch out for are: 

  1. >After a full reset on the TM-D700 radio, communications between the radio and the programmer will fail until the com port speed of the radio is reset to a value higher than 9600 bps (the default that the radio returns to). This is done in menu item 1-9-5 Aux | Com Port. Available values include 57600 and 38400.

  2. Also, TNC PKT must be off.
    Press [F] key for 1 second then set {tnc} to off
    Complete when TNC PKT does not appear at the top of the screen of the radio.

Once reset and saved, be sure to power the radio off and back on before attempting to use the programmer with it again.

These will get things working again given there is not a problem with the port on the radio (that was the case with the customer I worked with in 2019... equipment does fail after 15 years... and that radio comes back around occasionally!! I guess it's making the rounds in the used arena).

04/13/2020 07:28AM

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