Time Out when trying to get data from radio

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The ID-51 radio has gone through three iterations since it was first released. The changes to each of the models have been significant enough that it was best to design a programmer that addresses each specifically rather than wade you through options that did not apply to a particular model.

With that said, in the current installer (and in all of them for several years now... about 2016 and on), you will find the following screen to make it easy for you to install the correct programmer for your radio.

While we know you are anxious to get the programming done and be on the air with your new radio, completing this step of the installation properly will ensure success.

Just clicking next on this screen gives you about a 67% chance of failure with a Timeout error when you do the initial Communications | Get data from radio step of the programming process.

If the Communication | Get data from process fails, check this

1) The label on your radio under the battery... NOTE: Be sure to turn the radio OFF before you remove the battery.

2) Check the header in the programmer that you are running.

3) If you identify the programmer is wrong for your radio, right click on the icon and delete it. You don't want to be confused and run it again in the future.

4) Run the installer again (version 5 you can download again if you don't have it handy in Downloads) and make the correct selection from the list shown.

5) If you want, rename the icon on your desktop to clearly identify the radio the program is for... this is a great idea if you have two of these radios. You can name one Bob ID51 and Mary ID51. There is nothing sacred about the label on the icon. Just right click and select rename from the list.

If you get a new (to you) ID-51

If you get a new ID-51 (does not have to be brand new... just new to you), you may encounter this same problem with the programmer that you are using for your current radio. If you bought used, you could now have an ID-51Plus which is not the same as the ID-51Plus2 that you currently own or you could have gotten an ID-51Plus when you own the ID-51A. You get the point, the combinations are endless.

If you get a Timeout error when trying to do Communications | Get data from radio or Communications | send data to radio, repeat the process outlined above and be sure you have the program for the new radio. If it is different from the one in which you have your channels programmed, remember, you can copy and paste from one to the other.... jut be sure you are using the programmer that matches the radio.

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