Accessing A and B Band via A/B button on M1

Modified on Thu, 06 Apr 2023 at 01:01 PM

Working to program the M1, you notice that in the Zone Channel selection there is a Band A and Band B into which you can put different channels.  While the radio has one display, it has TWO distinct areas for memory channels. 

To better organize your activities, after putting all your memory channels into the grid for Memories, you put a special list in Band A and a separate list for another activity in Band B.  Your plans are to quickly move between the two lists with the A/B button. 

Now you are ready for the parade on Saturday and with one button click, the race on Sunday without the channels interfering with each other.  You have access to just the channels you need for the specific event. 

All set up and sent to the radio, but wait, the A/B button does not change between the lists... WHAT'S WRONG!!!  

Very simply, this function does not work unless the radio has  Dual Monitor engaged. 

On the M1 radio we have, this could be done from the face of the radio through the menu. 

Menu | Utilities | Radio Settings | #11 Dual Monitor.

Once on, Dual Moni will be displayed at the upper right of the screen.  

Now the A/B key switches between the two lists as you expect.  If you watch the bottom right of the screen of the radio, you will see an A or B to indicate which is active. 

If this menu option is not available on the M1 radio you have you can turn it on from the programmer and/or you can set a button on the radio to turn it on or off. 

In the programmer, access Settings | Radio Menu Settings from the top of the screen.  

Use the option at the left (Dual Monitor) to turn on Dual Monitoring (checked) or turn it off by unchecking the box. 

Use the options at the right to set a key to Single/Dual Band and have the feature available when you want it through the key press.  We recommend you make this a long press since you might not be using it very often. 

Close this screen.  Save the file.  Send it to the radio.  Have more functionality. 

April 6, 2023

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