TH-F6 Offset Frequency requirements for the TH-F6

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Offset Frequency requirements for the TH-F6
The Kenwood TH-F6 handheld requires the offset frequency to be from 0 to 59.95 MHz in 50kHz steps (i.e., .05 MHz).

Offset Frequencies must be x.00, x.05. x.10. x.15. x.20, etc to 59.95 MHz. (Note 600 kHz is 0.60 MHz which follows the pattern since the second digit after the decimal is 0). This can be verified on the radio. Enter the set mode by pressing the silver key on the radio's face. Turn the knob to OFFSET (Menu item 6). Press the silver button again to enter this item. Turn the knob on top. Notice the radio steps from .00 to .05 to .10, etc MHz.

If in the programmer you set an offset frequency that is not on a .05 MHz step, it will be rejected with warnings for you to change the value. However, if you use copy and paste from a programmer for another radio that allows (or requires) offset frequencies other than those in .05 MHz steps, the program for the TH-F6 will not reject them... but the radio will. With this information in the memory channel, the radio will reject the channel. When you turn the knob, it just won't be there.

The solution: If you use copy and paste to create the file for the Kenwood TH-F6, look through the Offset Frequency column. For any channel with an Offset Frequency that does not follow the proper convention for this radio, set the Offset Direction to Split. You will notice that the Receive and Transmit frequencies remain as entered with this change. The radio will accept this memory channel and function properly on the two frequencies.

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