USB-73 Cable - Getting it to fit your model

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USB-73 Cable - Getting it to fit your model

The USB-73 cable offered by RT Systems works with the RT Systems programmers for the Baofeng UV-9R, UV-9RPlus, the GT-3WP and the BF-9700.

Many others can use this cable with other programming software since a com port is created when the drivers are installed and the cable connected.

Given variances in manufacturing on the radios and the cable, it can be a little tricky to get the cable to mate properly with your particular radio. The adjustment comes at the cable. The tab at the top of the connector can be filed with any emery board until it fits properly into the slot at the top of the radio's mic jack. You can even trim the tab with nail clippers, wire cutters or garden shears if the adjustment is excessive.

You know you have filed or trimmed enough when the screw at the bottom of the plug lines up with the screw threads of the mic jack. You wil not longer have to be "slanting" the screw to get it started into the threads. Even if you trim a little too far and the tab no longer holds in the slot, the connection will still work when the pin is screwed securely into the screw threads at the bottom of the mic jack.

So, given the variations in manufacturing we see in these radios, this will help get you going with this programming cable or maybe with a speaker mic that is having the same problem.

USB73, USB-73, UV-9R, UV-9RPlus, UV-9R+, GT-3WP, BF-9700, BF9700, GT3WP04/19/2020 11:24AM

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