TH-D75 Memory Recall Method

Modified on Thu, 14 Mar 2024 at 05:41 PM

We recently learned something important about how this new little radio displays your memory channels after a customer wrote in worried that his programmer wasn't sending all of his memories to his new D75. 

As you'd expect from such a high end piece of equipment, you have lots of settings and options to play with. One of those options is called "Recall Mode" or "Memory Recall Mode" and is a setting that you can find in your RT Systems programmer in the Radio Menu Settings menu. 

You have two options for this particular setting and it is VERY important to understand how they work because if you have the setting set a certain way you may find yourself in the same situation as our worried customer.  

The default option is "All Bands" which is what we would generally recommend you leave this option set to. This will cause the radio to display all of your programmed memory channels in much the same way as you've come to expect from other radios. Nothing fancy. 

"Current Band" is the strange one. If you choose this option then the radio will ONLY display your memory channels which match the band that the current VFO is monitoring. So, if VFO A is currently monitoring a 2m frequency and you go in to memory mode you would ONLY see your 2m memories. Swap VFO A to monitor a 440 frequency and suddenly you ONLY see your 440 memories in memory mode.

It's easy to see how this can lead to confusion but now you know the difference. Spread the word to all of your D75 friends and don't forget that you can always give us a call for technical support if you need more guidance. 

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