Banks/Memory Groups

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On this radio, the banks are 1-20, 21-40, 41-60 etc, so you will need to set up your channels accordingly if you want them in banks.

Things to consider:

  1. Each line of the programmer is a channel in the radio. The numbers at the left (generally in boxes shaded blue) are the channel numbers. That means, when you send that file to the radio, you will see the first line in Channel 1 and the second line in Channel 2, etc... just like the numbers to the left of the frequencies you entered.
  2. You can skip lines in the programmer which will skip channels in the radio. The radio does not care if it skips from Channel 4 to Channel 20. You will not see the empty channels when you are stepping through them on the radio. The radio will step from Channel 4 to Channel 20 in one click.
  3. So, to put VHF in Bank (Group 1) and UHF in Bank (Group) 2, you will enter your VHF frequencies in channels 1-20 (say you have 10 of them so you will enter frequencies in channels 1 -10) and then skip to channel 21 to enter the first UHF frequency. You can continue to do the same on 20 channel spacings for any separation you want.
  4. You are limited to 20 channels in a group so plan carefully. If a group has more than 20, you'll need to decide how best to narrow these down for one group or divide them into multiple groups so you maintain your organizational plan.

Remember that you also must turn on "Memory Groups" in the "Settings" to activate this feature on the radio. Alternately, you can set Menu Item Number 057 to "MHz/Mem Grp". This makes it so you can select a Bank to use.

Once Memory Groups is turned on, you select a group to use via the following:

  1. Press the SELECT knob momentarily.
  2. A group number "Ma" - "Mj" will blink at the upper left of the display of the radio.
  3. Turn the SELECT knob to the desired group.
  4. Press the SELECT knob again to lock in this group and restrict use of the radio to only these channels.

Note: When working in Memory Group mode, the 60 meter channels will be available in Group Ml.

This radio does not have bank/Group names. This radio does not have bank/Group linking.

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