Liexen VV-898S Tri Power Radio

Modified on Sat, 04 Mar 2023 at 02:02 PM

The RT Systems LXN-898 programmer works with the original VV-898 radio and now with the new VV-898S radio.

Simply run Help | Check for updates in the original LXN-898 program to get the changes. (or have a new CD sent to you for $12.00 with proof of purchase for the original programmer)

A Communications | Get Data From Radio and program restart are required to set this option in your file. It takes less than a minute to get that done and you're in business with your new radio.

Note: The programming process will become a little complicated for those of you who own both an original and a new VV-898 radio. The manufacturer made changes to the pieces of the memory that control modulation while he was making the changes for power. Incorrect settings for power can make wide FM become narrow and Narrow FM become wide. There is nothing in the two radios that will keep you from sending a new file to an old radio or an old file to a new radio. If you do, not only will the power setting be different than you expect, modulation will change from wide to narrow or from narrow to wide depending on the power setting.

So, if you own an original AND a new radio, you need to

  1. Keep separate files. If you open a new file with the program set for the old radio, all your power settings for medium will be lost.
  2. To properly address the old and new radios so the modulation does not change, and the power settings are right in the radio, you will need to do Communications | Get data from radio into a blank file then restart the program to let the program know which radio it's working with.... or you might just want to install the program on two different computers to use separately with the old and new radios!!

As we have said before and we say often... there is a lot going on "under the covers" with this process. 


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