Oops - UV-6D radios with UV-6 Labels from the supplier

Modified on Thu, 09 Mar 2023 at 04:26 PM

There is at least one, and I suspect many, UV-6D radios with the UV-6 radio label attached.  This is the label under the battery.  This is a significant problem given the differences in these radios.  

  • The UV-6 is a dual band (the ones I have seen are 2M/440MHz)
  • The UV-6 has 128 channels in 8 banks
  • The UV-6D is a single band radio (the ones I have seen are UHF only)
  • The UV-6D has 16 channels

I saw this radio from a customer in Canada in December 2022. 

To test the radio you have, turn the radio off.  When you power on if it announces "Welcome" and a channel number it is the UV-6.  If it announces "Power On" and a channel number, it is a UV-6D.

 This video will give you information on how to check the radios when you first receive them to know which you have. 

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