FHSS - First seen in Baofeng UV-88 radio

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan 2024 at 06:30 PM

Well, a new way to make your radio not transmit or receive.  

There is a feature in the Baofeng UV-88 that I expect to appear in other radios that is labeled FHSS.  If you turn it on from the program (it is a channel by channel option available in the spread sheet for the memory channels), the radio will appear to cease to transmit and receive.

  On the UV-88 radio, this option was menu item #14.  You can turn it off there if it gets turned on unexpectedly. 

Now, what it is.  FHSS is Frequency-hopping spread spectrum.  You want to begin your education into this new feature from the definition in Wikapedia.  That will get you started toward your understanding of this function. You are welcome to investigate it to see if it's something you need in your activities.... from what I read, I think not!!

RT Systems will continue to set the function in the radio as you set it in the programmer.  Use of the feature is left to you.   

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