Memory Channel Skip on DR-735

Modified on Wed, Jul 26, 2023 at 10:03 AM

When you have a list of memory channels, there may be those you want to skip when scanning.  The radio gives you the option of marking a channel to Skip which omits it from scanning... In the programmer, this is done independently for each channel. 

This works easily ... if: 

  1. You are not in Bank Mode. Bank selection must be set to All for the Skip (and favorites) options to be seen by the radio. While you will see Skip or the * for favorite when you turn to the channel, the radio will always scan ALL the memory channels. If you are in bank mode, the radio scans ALL channels in that bank regardless of other settings. To check this on the radio, press the lower knob while in memory mode. When Bank appears, it must be followed by All if you want to skip a channel during scanning.

  2. You have the scan option set to Skip. This is a general option of the radio set in Menu item 5.  I mention the menu item because that is one you might want to know how to use from the face of the radio to engage different scanning methods for different situations. These options include 
    1. Skip - the skip option of the channel is honored (IF YOU ARE NOT IN BANK MODE), 
    2. All - all channels are scanned regardless of the skip option set per channel, 
    3. FAV - the favorites list is scanned only. 

So, Skip and Banks are mutually exclusive on this radio.  If you are in a bank, you will not skip and you will not scan favorites regardless of the other setting in the menu. 


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