Dual Memories on the DR-735

Modified on Sat, 03 Jun 2023 at 01:49 PM

The Doppler effect, or Doppler Shift, is the change in frequency of a signal from a moving object relative to a stationary receiver.   In other words, when you are working a satellite, the frequency changes slightly as it rises, passes overhead, and moves away from you.  

The DR-735 has the ability to program "pairs" of frequencies into what Alinco calls Dual Memories.  These memories then act in tandem when tuning (i.e, both left and right change to the next frequency pair. )

In the RT Systems programmer, you find these "pairs" under Dual Memories.  The rows are labeled d00l (dual channel 0, left side), d00r (dual channel 0, right side).  The left and right "pair" work together. 

To use these channels, first be sure the radio is in memory mode, then press the [MW] button.  

  • If there are no Dual Memories programmed, a beep will sound when the [MW] button is pressed.  
  • If there are some programmed, the radio will go into Dual Memory mode.  Now when you turn the right or left tuning knob on the radio's face, BOTH sides will change with that one turn. 


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