Programming the IC-7200 from the computer

Modified on Wed, Jun 26 at 3:37 PM

 IC-7200 communication fails between the radio and the computer. Check the following:

  1. The USB-A to USB-B cable you are using. Not all cables are created equally. I have seen customers go through several cables before finding one that worked.
  2. Give the drivers time to load. When using the USB-A to USB-B cable the connection uses Silicon Labs drivers. These may take a little longer to load on your system. Be patient and try again after several minutes. (You can check Device Manager. There will be clear indication under Ports Com and LPT when the drivers are loaded and the device is ready).
  3. If you are using the USB-RTS01, do the same, give the drivers time to load.
  4. If you are using a USB-A to USB-B cable, have NOTHING plugged into the remote jack on the back of the radio.
  5. Check the CI-V address and Baud Rate of the radio. To do this...
    1. Press Set to enter the quick set mode then press it again (about 2 seconds) to enter the Set Menu.
    2. Turn to CI-V Baud Rate - Set to Auto or 19200 (the faster the better... actually it will fail at times if this number is too low)
    3. Make note of the CI-V address (you will be able to see only the number while in the programmer you will see number and letter. The number is used only once so you'll be able to make your selection properly even with the letter.
  6. In the programmer, go to Communications | Set Radio ID. Be sure the information on that screen matches that of the radio.

If you have been trying repeatedly, close and restart the program. Be sure you save your file.

As always, complete Communications | Get data from radio into a blank file before you attempt Communications | Send data to radio for the first time. This is not required every time, but it is required once to get everything synced between the radio and the computer.

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