Eliminate "Strange" behavior in the TH-D74 radio

Modified on Thu, 01 Jun 2023 at 09:39 AM

This is interesting.... I had the radio doing something the other day that the Kenwood rep could not explain.  I could not regularly duplicate the behavior through button presses from the front of the radio so I cannot tell you how to get into and out of this strange behavior.  Let me explain...

The TH-D74 has an A Band and B Band.  By default A Band is on the top part of the display and B Band is at the bottom. 

Somehow I was able to get B Band at the top and A Band at the bottom.  While there is not indication of which is which, B Band does not support the DR or DV mode channels.  This was my indication of the band in which I was working.

Through other keystrokes (sorry, as I said, I cannot duplicate them), I ended up with B Band at BOTH the top and bottom.  I could do the same with A Band at top and bottom.  I could not find the key sequence that would return the top to A Band and the bottom to B Band. 

Then  I was told of VFO reset.  Hold the (F) key while turning on the radio.  The menu that appears has VFO Reset as the first prompt.  Follow the OK prompts to complete the process. 

When the radio powers back on, press the [2] key to access memory mode.  The memory channels will still be there and A Band will be displayed at the top while B Band is displayed at the bottom.  This VFO reset is a great hint to know about this radio!!


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