CTCSS and DCS used together on a repeater

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Most repeaters use a Tone or DCS code for access.  

Some repeaters that use the strange tone configurations (information changed from original to protect the system).

The coordinating groups publish the necessary information as the tones are more to enhance performance (blocking extraneous noise) than to prevent use.   Given the information shown and the labels attached, you may not know how to set this up for your radio to use. 

I will define some terms and show you in a few programmers how these would be set up for use (Although these frequencies can be entered for most radios, transmission on these frequencies may not be possible for your radio model)

Look at the chart: 

  • Decode - the tone that is used by the RADIO to allow the signal from the repeater to be heard. 
  • Encode - The tone that is sent to the REPEATER to allow the signal from the radio to be heard.
  • PL - A Motorola term for Private Line - which radio is not.  Generally a CTCSS value.  This is confirmed by the number that follows PL shown above. 
  • DCS - A Code for the DCS system. 

This is how it translates to the RT Systems programmer.  When a column is marked Not in use, the radio is not using it although there may be a value displayed in the cell on the screen.

Fill in the values on the spreadsheet as they are shown below. The Programmer will help by macking active only those columns you need to complete. How much easier is that than figuring things out from the radio's face?

EncodeDecodeTone ModeCTCSS
DCS 546NPL 199.5HzD ToneNot in use199.5546Not in useN
DCS 065NPL 156.7HzD ToneNot in use156.7065Not in useN
PL 156.7HzPL 156.7HzTSQL156.7156.7Not in useNot in useNot in use
PL 156.7HzPL 156.7HzTSQL 156.7156.7Not in useNot in useNot in use
DCS 365NPL 131.8HzD ToneNot in use
131.8365Not in useN
DCS 365NPL 131.8HzD ToneNot in use131.8365Not in useN
DCS 465NPL 131.8HzD ToneNot in use131.8465Not in useN
PL 173.8HzPL 173.8HzTSQL173.8173.8Not in useNot in useNot in use
PL 100.0HzPL 100.0HzTSQL100.0100.0Not in useNot in useNot in use


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