DCS Encode Only

Modified on Sat, 05 Aug 2023 at 02:18 PM

In RT Systems programmers for radios from any manufacturer, IF the radio can do DCS transmit only, it is triggered with the D Code option under Tone Mode.

Once D Code is selected as Tone Mode, select the value for DCS encode (transmission only to the repeater) from those in the DCS column (which is now active).

  1. There are older radios that can do DCS and not do DCS transmit only. These will not have the D Code option in Tone Mode.
  2. In those older radios, you will be able to use that repeater ONLY IF... you have a dual display radio and you set two channels for use on this repeater. The first will have the transmit frequency ONLY... as simplex with Tone Mode set to DCS and the proper DCS code set. The second will have the receive frequency ONLY... as simplex with Tone mode set to None. You will transmit to the repeater on the first channel and receive from the repeater on the other.
  3. DCS Polarity should remain at Both N unless you are given specific instructions to change that value.

Here is some more information on Tone and Tone Squelch with DCS included in the discussions:

If you prefer, watch this video:  Tone and Tone Squelch: The Basics

This video is very in depth with details of Tone and Tone squelch. Click here to get more information as you learn about Tone functions of the radio.

Now, to see Tones in action on a pair of radios: Click here to see Tones in action.

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