IC-756 accessing menu on radio

Modified on Wed, 04 Oct 2023 at 12:03 PM

Sometimes it's a little tricky to get the radio to talk to the computer. This is true for all radios that you are attempting to program.  

On the IC-756Pro, if you get a communication error during Get Data From or Send Data To, check the following: 

  1. That you are addressing an Icom IC-756Pro radio.  Programming is possible only in the IC-756Pro series.  The original IC-756 cannot be programmed from the computer. 
  2. That you have done all updates for the Programmer (Help | Check for updates)
  3. That you are using the RT Systems USB-RTS01 cable.
  4. That the drivers have loaded properly for the cable. 
  5. The CI-V Baud Rate and the CI-V Address match between the radio and the computer.  This requires accessing the menu on the radio to get the values for these options as they are set in the radio and making necessary changes in the Programmer to Get or Send information successfully.  
  6.  To access the menu from the face of the radio
  • Press the F-5 button on the radio's face with SET appearing on the screen above it.  If Set does not appear, you may need to press Exit a few times to return to the default options for these buttons. 
  • Once you press Set,  a different group of options will appear.  Press the F-4 button to access OTHERS. 
  • Once in the Others options, use the F-1 and F-2 keys to move up and down in the list until you find CI-V Baud Rate.
  • On today's computers (about 2015 and newer), this should be set to 19200.  While 9600 should work, the others are too slow and will cause the computer to time out before the radio gets around to responding thus resulting in failure... besides, you will be there until next week waiting for it to finish if it is successful.
  • To change this value, use the tuning knob until the 19200 value appears.   
  • Use F-1 and F-2 to move to CI-V address.  Record the value shown here.  There is no need to make a change.  The value in the Programmer and that in the radio must match. There is nothing special about one value compared to a different one as long as they match. 
  • In the Programmer, click Communications | Set Radio ID.  A box opens with the details for CI-V Baud Rate and CI-V Address that the Programmer knows. Make adjustments here as necessary so you have a match between the radio and the Programmer.    

This will get you going. If it does not, we will help troubleshoot the cable to be sure all is good there. 

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