Communications Error between radio and computer

Modified on Mon, 13 Mar 2023 at 04:25 PM

When the programmer and the radio cannot establish communications, this error will be raised: 

As nasty as this seems... it's not hard to correct. 

This is a generic message that could be raised: 


1.  If the cable is plugged into the wrong port on the back of the radio

Port Number 7  - The 4th from the right looking at the back of the radio. - There are others nearby that accept the same connector. 

2.  There is something malfunctioning with the cable - Contact RT Systems for use to do diagnostics.  If we determine that the cable is not functioning properly, we will supply a replacement that has been testing with our IC-756. 

3.  The CI-V port setting and CI-V Baud Rate have not been set to the same value on the radio and the computer

These have a two fold solution. 

1.  You must determine on the radio what the C-IV port setting is.  This is done by accessing the Others section of the Menu and scrolling to C-IV Port.  Make a note of what you find here.  There is no need to change it.


2. Next address CI-V Baud Rate - You want this set to 19200.  9600 might work but anything else is just too slow for today's computers.  The computer will not wait that long for the radio to respond.  


3. In the programmer, go to Communications | Set Radio ID        


4. When clicked, the window opens into which this information is entered.        


5. This is where you enter the matching information. The CI-V Address that you found in the radio (again, it does not matter what it is as long as it is the same here.), the CI-V Baud Rate set to 19200.  


6. Click OK to save


Try the communications process again.  We expect you to have success with this completed. 




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