Accessibility for the Visually Impaired with RT Systems Programmers

Modified on Thu, Mar 21 at 12:08 PM

NVDA works better than JAWS for screen reading with the RT Systems Programmers. Jaws tends to read one column behind. It works if you understand that you just left the column that is announced. NVDA announces the column as you enter it.

Some keyboard moves for the Programmers that may not be immediately evident include:

1)To select entire row - With cursor in Receive frequency, press and hold shift then press end. This will highlight the entire row. Shift + home deselects as long as the cursor is in the same line.

A side note, if row selection is being done for copy and paste, you need only press right arrow once. Receive Frequency and Transmit Frequency are selected and when you press CTRL C, the program will raise a message asking you if you want to copy the entire row. The process is completed automatically for you for that row.

2)To move between tabs - Ctrl + Page Down to move left and Ctrl + Page Up to move right. 

3) There is other information accessed from the menu of the program. Use Alt S to access the Settings list where most of these options are found.

Once on a screen, tab moves around. Alt C accesses the Close and Save or Close and discard options.

There are often several screens of Settings. To access these, a Tabs menu item Alt T accesses that list to put you onto another of the pages of settings. Again, once on that page, tab moves between the options.

To close the settings screen, begin with Alt C then use down arrow to select Save Settings and Close or Discard Settings and Close.

Back on the main page of the program, Alt C accesses the Communications list. Up and Down arrow will step through Get Data from radio, Send data to radio and options for SD card where available. The Comport setting must be done only if you are using a cable other than the RT Systems cable with the programmer.

Alt F accesses the File Manu

Alt E accesses the Edit Menu

One more that is important, Alt H accesses the Help menu and in that you will find Check for Updates. An important thing to do occasionally. Just remember to save your file before you start the update. You will have to close the program for the update to complete.

Once a menu is open use Down Arrow to step through options and Enter to select.  

It seems that some programmers do not use tab on the setting screens.  Try right and left arrow and space bar to select.  

Now, I am sorry to say but in a very few of the programs the Alt commands do not access the menus properly.  Let us know if you do not get a reaction with those and we will get that program touched up immediately.  


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