APX-8000 Hints and Tricks

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 02:02 PM

Let's get more use from this radio.  Here are a few things I discovered while programming the radio. 

  • Always be sure that you turn off your radio when not in use.  The default on the backlight timer is 10 seconds.  The display of the radio goes off and you don't know that it is still on if you are not actively using it.  Just make it a habit to check that power button every day if you have been using the radio. 
  • The button at the bottom right moves the Main function from the top to the bottom of the display and back again. No need to set a side button for this function.
  • The button to the right of the four arrows changes from VFO to Memory to Memory Name to Channel mode. It is probably a one second hold to get the radio to change. This is pretty handy as you can easily move between Frequency and Name to check the details of the channel you're on.... or just put the top and bottom on the same channel and see the Frequency on one and the Name on the other.  
  • Scanning... you want to set that up on one of the buttons on the side of the radio.  Else, you will not start scanning from the face of the radio... at least, I could not find it. That is easily done in the program.

This is the settings screen of the RT Systems programmer.  The numbers have been added for this discussion. 

  1. Dual Watch Enable - Turns the bottom display on if checked and off if unchecked. 
  2. Voice Announce works with Language (both labeled 2) to turn the voice prompts on if checked and off if unchecked and to set the language for the information. 
  3. PF1 Short / PF2 Short / PF2 Long - These are the round buttons on the right side of the radio.  The manual does not list these three options, however they are in the menu of the radio.  
    1. You want to set up Scan on one of them. 
    2. Backlight turned the backlight on and off... but as I said earlier, you could end up with a dead battery if you don't turn the radio off all the way. This is just the light. 
    3.  There are several other options. Set these to those that best suit your needs. 
  4. Band A (top) and Band B (bottom) - working mode to VFO or Memory.   
  5. Band A and Band B Channel Mode - This will turn on the Name or Frequency as you desire.  Remember, you can use the button next to the 4-way arrows to change this on the fly while using the radio.
  6. Backlight Timer - Be careful with this one.  While it is great to save the battery by having the backlight go off, it can be really annoying when you are trying to do something. Also, if the radio is dark, you don' t know if it is off.  Set this option appropriately for your use and always be sure the radio is off before you quit for the day. 

Experiment with the others and review the manual for the radio for more details. 

Hope this helps as you get started with this radio. 



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