FTM-200 Programming a Modified Radio

Modified on Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 11:37 AM

Please.... Please.... Please... if you modify your Yaesu radio, do NOT... do NOT... write the original file on the SD card back to it without changing that file to match the modification of the radio. The radio will let you do this although it should not. The original file is not built properly for the newly modified radio. 

If you do, the radio will end up in a state that is somewhere between modified and not modified and the radio will act really strangely.

All is not lost, and this issue is correctable without having to send the radio for repair. The following is offered for your information. Anything YOU do or have done to your radio is done at your own risk... I could leave you to pay repair charges, but I choose to share what we know.

  1. Un-modify and then again modify the radio. You are after the deep reset that is a part of the modification.
  2. Once the radio is back on with your callsign entered, follow the steps to Back up the radio to the SD card... YES, you are going to lose the file since the radio is blank. You should have that file saved in the Programmer. If you don't, now is the time to save it in the Programmer before you continue.
  3. Complete the backup to the SD card with the radio.
  4. Take the SD card to the Programmer.
  5. In the Programmer, do File | New.
  6. Into this new file, do Communications | Read from SD card. Once complete, the Programmer knows this is a modified radio.
  7. Return to your file with the frequency information you want in the radio
  8. Complete Communications | Write to SD Card
  9. Take the SD card to the radio and complete Backup | Read from SD card
  10. Now your radio is programmed AND modified

We saw this quite a bit with the FTM-400, the FTM-300 and I expect it will happen with the FTM-200. So now we are documented for what to do. This will not happen if you are using the SCU-20 or USB-77 cable. This is an issue only with the SD card.

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