FTM-200 Clone Options are Disabled

Modified on Thu, 02 Nov 2023 at 04:51 PM

If Menu Item 116 [This -> Other] and Menu Item [117 Other -> This ] are disabled and you cannot program the radio. 

Two possible causes are: 

  1. You have turned on PMG (programmable memory groups). This is so easily done as the [PMG/PW] button is immediately below the [F/MENU] button on the radio's face. You can press that one on your way to the menu and not realize it.  This can be done even if memory channels have not yet been registered in the memory group.

    To get the functionality back for programming, press the [PMG/PW] button again to disengage that feature. 

    Note:  Even if you power the radio off and back on, PMG will not disengage and you will still not be able to access these menu items for programming.

  2. You have pressed the DISP key to engage the Band Scope.  In this mode, the receive status (signal strength) of the channels before and after the current frequency are displayed as a bar graph in the bottom portion of the screen.

    Press the DISP key again to disengage this feature. 

Apparently, the radio is busy when these features are engaged and it cannot be interrupted for programming.  This is just something in the design of the radio that, while frustrating, is early corrected.  

Now when you access the menu, 116 and 117 will be active and available for you to use.

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