FTM-200: Effects of AMS on squelch

Modified on Fri, 10 May 2024 at 04:24 PM

If your FTM-200 or FTM-500 is in DN (digital) only mode and you decide to fully open your squelch you will not hear any band noise. This is correct and expected behavior for a radio that is hard set to digital.  

If you have your radio set to DN with AMS (Automatic Mode Select) active and you decide to open your squelch then the radio will automatically switch to analog FM and you will hear band noise as expected with an open squelch. 

This appears to be logic built in to the base functionality of the radios related to using the AMS function. It is implied when you fully open your squelch that you want to hear band noise so the radio automatically swaps to a mode (analog FM) where that is possible. 

This may apply to other FTM series radios but we have only directly observed the behavior in the FTM-200 and FTM-500


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