Sql Type disabled on radio

Modified on Thu, 19 Oct 2023 at 09:21 PM

VX-8DR / Sql Type disabled on radio

With APRS engaged, Sql-Type cannot be changed for Band B from the face of the radio. Band A functions normally. This is normal functionality of the radio since you don't want squelch active for the APRS signal.

  • APRS is engaged from the face of the radio using the APRS menu.
  • To get to the APRS menu, press the Menu button briefly to enter APRS mode.
  • Then press and hold the Menu button to enter the APRS menu.
  • Turn to item 4 APRS Modem.
  • Press Menu again to activate the item for change.
  • Change to Off or On as needed for your activity.
In the programmer
  • Go to Settings
    • Radio Menu Settings
    • APRS/GPS tab
    • APRS Modem (next to last column at top).
    • Set to Off or On as needed for your activity... remember, you may need to turn it off in the programmer so it does not come back on unexpectedly the next time you program your radio with the computer.


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