AR-869- Radio Strange Behavior

Modified on Tue, Jun 25 at 4:10 PM

Radio "Locks-up" when programming

While testing this radio, I found several strange behaviors that I thought you might need to know about

1) The RT Systems USB-K4Y is a little difficult to connect to the mic jack. Others may be easier. If not connected properly, communications between the radio and the computer will fail. SOLUTION: Always be sure you have the cable connected COMPLETELY... push hard... you cannot push too hard.

2) If you connect the programming cable without connecting it to the computer, the radio will stop responding to button presses and knob turns. It will appear to "lock-up" and do nothing. SOLUTION: Turn the radio off and disconnect the cable. If you are not finished programming, connect the cable to the computer

3) The first time you complete Communications | Get data from radio, the names will appear in the programmer as jibberish. The radio has defaults of Chinese characters that do not transfer to the programmer. SOLUTION: When you put names into the file in characters you can understand AND set Channel Display to Channel + Name (in the Settings found at Settings | Radio menu settings), they will appear on the face of the radio just as you entered them into the programmer.

4) The box advertises a frequency range of 800-890MHz. Nothing in this range could be entered from the face of the radio... OOPS... seems that is not an option for this radio as if comes out of the box. SOLUTION: You won't be using 800MHz frequencies on this radio.

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