Wide/Medium/Narrow Operating Modes

Modified on Thu, 22 Dec 2022 at 02:33 PM

In an attempt to satisfy the world with one radio, some manufacturers have reverted to Wide (25 kHz) / Medium (20 kHz) and Narrow (12.5 kHz) operating modes. Yes, these are valid for operating on repeaters in the US.  

Most amateur repeaters will use Wide (25 kHz).  Some may use Narrow (12.5 kHz).  Frequencies outside the ham band are generally Narrow (12.5 kHz).  Notice how Medium is generally not used in the US. 

In the programmer, setting the Operating Mode to Medium disables the Tone Mode column.  The CTCSS frequency column will be active, but Tone Mode will be disabled.  Don't know why other than it must be something that was discovered in development that the radio does not use tones when on a repeater operating with Medium bandwidth.

So, set Operating Mode to Wide or Narrow as appropriate for the repeater you're using and Tone Mode will be active for changes. 



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