FTM-500 Tandem Volume Adjustment

Modified on Sat, 20 May 2023 at 02:57 PM

The FTM-500 has a feature that is designed to enhance audio from the speakers.  However, when this feature is engaged, one knob on the left of the face that once adjusted the volume for the top or the bottom channels separately now adjusts for BOTH the top and bottom. 

It is Rx Audio Equalizer that is accessed by a long press to the top knob on the left.... now this is easy to do by accident since the function menu is accessed with a long press to to top knob on the right.... you get the similarity.  Before you know it, you have made an adjustment you don't expect. 

With that said, you can turn this off from the face of the radio without a complete reset.  

  • Press and hold the left top knob to access Audio Equalizer
  • Then press the top knob on the right (yes, really!!) to adjust the option
  • Once Front Tone is set to off, Press and hold the top knob on the left (yes... really again... this would be really easy to get wrong!!) to save the change and exit to the main screen.  You will hear a double beep letting you know the change was saved. 

Once Off, the volume is adjusted independently for top and bottom again. 

Now, you may have captured that setting in the programmer which will turn it back on if you do more programming from your computer.  To be sure you don't have to make this adjustment again, 

  • Open the programming file you have saved
  • Click Settings | Radio Menu Settings
  • Select the Common 2 tab
  • Find Audio Equalizer at the lower right.  
  • Set Front Tone to Off.  (The settings for the other options can remain as shown.  Front Tone is the one in control.)

Close and save the settings file and you'll be ready for the next time you use it for programming. 


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