FT-65: Receive Only and Split Frequency Pairs

Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 02:12 PM

The question was, can you make channel 10 not transmit?   The answer is No on this radio.  

The best that we can suggest is to set the Transmit Frequency to one in the ham band that is not a repeater frequency in your area, and set your power to Low.  Then if you do transmit, you are in the ham band that your license covers and you are not on the County's frequency. 

To do that on this radio can be a little tricky.  

First:  Be sure the programmer is up to date (Help | Check for Updates).  The correction to make this easier to do was incorporated in about March of 2024... so, if you have not updated lately, this will not work as described. 

Second: As in all Yaesu radios, you only are allowed an Offset Frequency that is on 50kHz steps (there are band and Mhz limitations also, but this can be done without triggering those).  As for the kHz limitation, this means that the value must be no more than 2 decimal places with the last one being a 0 or a 5.  WOW... lots of math going on here... you would think you are taking your test again.  I promise to make it as simple as possible. 

The numbers are as follows for this case: 

  • Receive Frequency:  425.46250
  • Transmit Frequency:  
    • Lets start with 439 (this is the easy part)
    • As for after the decimal, I would suggest the SAME as that of the receive frequency.  In this case,  .46250.  This will always work since the difference between the two will end in .000 automatically and you don't have to worry about the 50kHz steps on that difference. 
  • Offset Frequency: 14.00 (the programmer calculates this automatically for you)
  • Offset Direction:  Plus (the programmer sets this up automatically for you)   

You are ready to go to the radio.  

But, if you want even more of a difference, now adjust the Offset Frequency.  Remember, two decimal places with the last being 0 or 5.  The other is up to you.  In the example shown, I changed the .00 to .15.  The programmer automatically recalculated the Transmit Frequency. 

The other thing to realize is that unless modified, the radio won't transmit on 425.4625 since it is out of the ham band,  


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