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While antivirus programs are a necessity today, some are becoming too aggressive in their attempts to protect you to the point that you cannot do the things you want to do on your computer. You will see this when you attempt to download the RT Systems programmers through the electronic delivery option. You will see it again when you cannot install the programmer you purchased because the necessary internet connection is blocked (yes, although you think it is available, it is not available to the installer.) This can become very frustrating when the computer does not perform as you expect.

Avast is one anti-virus program that is especially controlling. Since you cannot turn this program off at will... (isn't that the definition of a virus), one option to consider disabling during download and installation is CyberCapture. Then you are in control of what the computer allows or does not allow.

We at RT Systems will do what we can to help you download and install the programmer you purchased. We cannot reconfigure your system for you. You are responsible for the virus protection program that you run and need to know how to turn it off so you can do what YOU want or to disable characteristics of it to be able to do what YOU want. Call for assistance once the protection is disabled and we can help with the RT Systems program download and installation.

BTW... did you know your computer will run faster if it is not trying to process everything through multiple antivirus programs.

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