Which UV-17 do I have and which Programmer does it use?

Modified on Wed, 10 Apr 2024 at 07:35 PM

Such fun!!  Baofeng has released new radios and seems to be stuck on the same number.  Makes it really confusing for everybody when trying to get a programmer that works with a particular one.   What is worse: when you order from any web site, don't count on the description and the identifier listed to thing you are going to get a particular model... you may and you may not. 

There are not many differences between the models, but there are a few.  The distinct difference comes when trying to program the radio from the computer.  Each talks differently to the computer and although you only see a few differences, the differences in their brains are significant.  It's best that those differences are handled in a separate programmers.  These programmers are included in the one UV-17 package offered by RT Systems.  If you are not sure which to use, install all three.  One will work and two will not... but you'll get what you need. 

RT Systems has been able to get and work with the UV-17R, UV-17 Pro, UV-17 L, UV-17 Pro L, UV-17 Pro Max, and BF-17 L.  We share these differences with you to help you recognize the radio model you received. 

This was our first.  It is labeled the UV-17R.  This one uses the UV-17 Programmer of the group.   

The UV-17L was the second we encountered.   Notice the difference in the font on the screen for the frequencies.  This radio also carries a sticker on the body under the battery that is blue with an L.   New today(09/01/2023) we encountered a BF-17 Pro L. New again, 09/14/2023 the UV-17 Pro Max (which also carries the "L" label under the battery. These all use the UV-17L Programmer of the group.  And now 04/01/2024 a UV-17M (as per the label on the battery).  It also uses the "L" program. 

This was the third.   Notice again the font of the characters.  Also notice the "ZONE1" at the upper left... don't get excited, this is not a DMR radio. This radio uses the UV-17Pro Programmer of the group.  NOTE:  There is a UV-17 Pro L radio available.  It uses the UV-17L programmer.  You will be able to tell it is not a PRO when you see the display of it. 

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